The world’s best hotels

Unusual hotels of the world: when the rest of the adventure
The journey is always unusual. Going on a journey, we leave all that is familiar and understandable to us: the situation, environment, life, and step into the unknown. Journey wherever…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
Tourists, satiated with attractions of distant lands into too frequent visits, it seems that hotels of the world almost identical with a slight difference - other than the view from…

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In Poland, the old castle turned into a luxury hotel

The second life was given to old Polish castle Gaulle (Gola), located 45 kilometres southwest of Wroclaw. It will open a luxury hotel with the country’s first Spa L’occitane.

The name four-star hotel Uroczysko siedmiu stawów gave Park ensemble surrounding the castle, and called the Valley, or Tract of seven lakes. After the restoration, which lasted 13 years, the monument will reopen to the public in July, is now a hotel.

The hotel will have 33 rooms, including four two-storey with an extra bed on the mezzanine, five spacious bathrooms, one with Jacuzzi on the terrace, and 10 luxury apartments. In total, simultaneously, the complex can accommodate about 100 guests. The price – 320 PLN (€77) in a standard room up to 990 (238 euros) in the apartment. Continue reading

Morgans Hotel Group

The comfortable lobby, the famous white guest room with comfortable stylish furniture designed by Philippe Starck, lush gardens, beautiful pool, updated bathrooms and a gorgeous private beach make Delano a unique, modern hotel with a unique style. It was here first appeared in America in the hotel lobby, occupying not only the interior of the building, but the surrounding area that blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor living to Read more.

Created by the famous English architect David Chipperfield (David Chipperfield), the hotel is famous for its high level of service, elegance and style. The hotel gardens are a real maze, throughout which placed 300 lamps of different sizes, creating a mysterious atmosphere at night. On the grass apart a huge soft couch with lots of pillows, hand-painted Read more.

Creating interiors for a new boutique hotel, the famous Dutch architect Marcel Wanders has preserved the unique style of Morgans hotel group and Atomizdat a unique and revolutionary design for the Mondrian South Beach to Read more. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

Before you go on a trip every tourist chooses the hotel. It takes into account location, level of service, food, comfort. But in different countries there are such hotels, which by their appearance are unique. We bring you the most interesting ones.

In Idaho (USA) a two-storey hotel in dog shape, made of drywall and plywood. Not to notice that a miracle is impossible. In the “belly” has a comfortable double bed, in my head – “the attic”, the toilet is in “the face”. The hotel is in a Park where there is plenty of fun.

Hotel Ariau Amazon in Brazil exclusively for fans of extreme sports. It consists of several wooden towers, resembling birdhouses, cling to the trunks of huge trees, which reach heights of 60 meters. This hotel is very popular. Guests, tightly holding the railing, moving from tower to tower hanging bridges. At this point, you suddenly hear the clatter of the teeth of a crocodile, the head with a banana (a treat from monkeys), hear the rumbling iguanas or heart-rending cries of macaques. However all that applies to comfortable hotels, there is. Continue reading

The world’s best hotels: Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah, Istanbul

The Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah in Istanbul is not just a hotel of the highest class, it is also part of the history of the city, and the country as a whole. “Pera Palas” (as he is spelled in Turkish) is one of the oldest and, without doubt, the most famous hotel in Istanbul. It was built in 1892 for the specific purpose — here, had to stop the passengers of the legendary Orient Express. It is here, in room 411, Agatha Christie stayed, and where were written the famous mystery “Murder on the Orient Express”. In her honor the decoration of the rooms was preserved. But in room 101 lived Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Just at this time he was planning the war of independence in Turkey. Now in this room is a mini-Museum, whose main exhibits are the personal belongings of atatürk and gifts of leaders by foreign powers, the founder of modern Turkey.

Beautiful lobby and halls of the hotel are decorated with furniture from the nineteenth century. Known for “Oriental bar” and restaurant rooms in the hotel are among the most beautiful in Turkey. In its history, “Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah” has hosted many famous personalities — Ernest Hemingway, Queen Elizabeth II, Greta Garbo, Continue reading

The world’s best hotels — La Mamounia, Marrakech

Speaking of the best hotels in the world not to mention the hotel La Mamounia, Marrakech. This magnificent hotel is considered to be not only the best in Morocco, but throughout Africa. It is located in the city of Marrakech, in the place of an ancient people. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful Royal gardens of La Mamounia in honor of whom it received its own name. These gardens were a wedding present Moroccan king to his son.

The hotel was almost 69000 square meters. The architectural ensemble and the interior design of the hotel La Mamounia was created in the twenties of the last, twentieth, century, when it was fashionable modernist art Deco style. That’s why the decor of this hotel combines elements of Moroccan style vivid and picturesque art Deco. This concept survived in spite of the fact that the hotel is constantly being renovated and rebuilt. Last repairs were done by world-famous designer Jacques Garcia. Today the hotel provides its guests 230 rooms, including 171 superior rooms, 57 suites and 3 private villas. Most rooms have balconies with magnificent views of the garden. Features include 5 bars, a café and 5 restaurants, an outdoor heated pool, a Turkish bath, Hammam, Jacuzzi, Spa-center, beauty salon, sauna, ping-pong, tennis, squash and Billiards, modern business centre,3 conference halls, boutiques La Mamounia, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Moroccan Boutique, Boutique Blanche, La Bijouterie and shopping center. Continue reading

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The world's best hotels: Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah, Istanbul
The Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah in Istanbul is not just a hotel of the highest class, it is also part of the history of the city, and the country as…

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